8 days to...

Access Pleasure most women only dream of

Experience Higher States of Consciousness

Activate Light Codes


Return to Sexual Innocence


Learn Orgasmic Manifestation

Feel supported & guided through everything you create








Your future self...


Will look back at this

as the retreat that changed



Take some deep breaths, scroll down slowly... 

and let's dive in deeper...



Melt into a week of radical sisterhood in the middle of the Indonesian rainforest...



Ronja Sebastian

Creator of the Ecstatic Awakening Retreat, the Dream Beyond Mastermind Immersion, and the SensualBliss Online Temple.


Layla El Khadri

Creator of the Art of Feminine Leadership, Reclaim Radiance & PRESENCE.


Kristal Termorshuizen

founder of Kristal Music & Women Gatherings.

Claire Costello

Creator of Clear Transmissions.


themes of exploration...


Sunrise Yoga & Sensual Flow

Luxurious Goddess Massage

Orgasmic Breathwork & Orgasmic Manifestation

Sexual Vitality Qigong – Activate, circulate and sublimate sexual energy

Activating and resting as your Deep Woman

Sacred Self Pleasuring

Authentic Relating, Honesty & Empowered Vulnerability

Pussy Skills & Yoni Yoga for powerful, nuanced,
gentle and subtle orgasms

Yoni Egg Practice for grounding, healing, and deep
connection to your Intimate Temple

The Inner Ripple Effect – take pleasure to new dimensions for yourself and your lover

Relaxing Your Voice for freedom of expression

Transformational Dance of Feminine Embodiment

Deep Nourishing Darkness Qigong & 3:33am Crystalline Yin Night Meditation

Emotional Release, Healing & Effortless Feeling

Taoist Breast Massage &
Activating the Diamond Pathway







This will ripple out into everything you know, with possible side effects including:

Deeper intimacy and more loving connection to yourself and others.
Relaxation and confidence in situations that previously scared you.
Calm easy radiant beingness.
Access to higher states of consciousness and more finely attuned intuition.
Effortlessly make more money.
Manifest with flow.
And so much more...















Imagine waking up surrounded by peaceful silence and abundant rainforest...

As the warmth of the sun rises over the canopies and the valley is flooded with sunlight, we gently wake up with Sensual Flow and find balance and strength for the day with Sunrise Yoga. 
Raise your frequency and aliveness through outside Sexual Vitality Qigong with 360 degree visual & energetic view of lush mountains covered in jungle. 

Relax into spacious, comfortable and cozy eco luxury & high quality organic vegan meals.
Followed by a delicious breakfast overlooking the gardens, valleys and mountains. Enjoying fruits from the land and a sumptuous selection of healthy breakfast options.
After breakfast we go into different techniques and breath journeys to awaken your orgasmic potential, heal and open your body.
All in our stunning bamboo yoga shala.
Nourish your belly with an amazing lunch, and refresh your body relaxing in the sunshine, resting, chilling and hanging out...
Or have a walk through the bamboo forest, down to the river and magical waterfalls...
In the afternoon we dive into Authentic Relating & Sharing. 
As well as exploration of Awareness and Expanded Consciousness, to access inspiration, ideas, genius and love...
Yum filled dinner and chill…
And in the evening we sink into deep restorative practices to replenish our yin and natural radiance, as the fireflies zoom around the jungle... 
You feel yourself filled with peace, bliss and energetic activation...
... and enveloped and bathing in pure Prana.

Sample Schedule:

7:30-8:30 Sunrise Yoga & Sensual Flow
8:30-10:00 Breakfast 
10-13:00 Orgasmic Breathwork | Ecstatic Breathwork | Healing Breath | Breath of Bliss |  Voice Activation
13-16:00 Lunch
16-18:30 Authentic Relating | Sharing | Presence Transmission | Awakening & Consciousness | Surrendering | Opening to Your Inner Wisdom
18:30-20:00 Dinner
20:00-22:00 Massage | Yoni Egg Practice | Yin Flow | Restorative Healing Practices for Deep Restful Sleep...







"Follow the smell of the rose petals...
Follow the pulse of your soul.
With one cleansing breath in...
and one melting breath: out...
Drop your maybes, your masks, 
your not yet's and must do's.
Recognizing now, that every moment:
every experience, every misstep,
heartbreak, and deep inner peace...
It has all led up to THIS.
Surrendering it all to this orgasmic unfolding...
To the deep boundless love
that's already: living you.
Know that you are Consciousness.
Live as Love.
And allow Energy and Presence to make love:
In you/through you and as you
in each moment of this unbearably
beautiful existence..."
– Ronja Sebastian










Bali Eco Village is a cozy and luxurious Balinese eco resort, set in a secluded rainforest valley.

This lush mountain retreat was built, using only natural materials and aided by the local Bali community, treading lightly on the earth, and respecting nature, its power and beauty.

We'll be staying eco luxurious bamboo bungalows, with their own fireplace, en suite bathroom and stunning views of the rainforest valley.

We'll detox naturally with pure spring water, cool clean mountain air, abundant organic greens from the garden, yoga, massage, sauna and the lovely Balinese staff who will care for you and nurture you on every level.



















For the Deep Woman Immersion we have both indoor and outdoor workshop space, built out of bamboo and founded in sacred geometry.

From our eco resort you can walk down through the valley, through a peaceful bamboo forest and to the river flowing into two waterfalls.



You will
feel healed,
rejuvenated and
on every level of
your being.






Dear amazing woman,
To join the Deep Woman Immersion, first fill out the application below.
The application is not to check if you’re "good enough", but to check if you’re ready.
This is for you to anchor in your desire and intention, 
And for us to know that you’re aligned and feel deeply called to this vision.
This is not your average women’s retreat.
We have no desire to get “as many women as possible” to join this retreat, but rather
Want to have a potent group of women who are ready for the depth of this transformation.
Our commitment to you is to take you through a journey that is both deeply 
opening, pleasurable, healing, nourishing and ecstatic in the moment.
As well as give you next level tools and techniques + life altering transformations 
that will serve you for the rest of your life.
If you’ve made it this far in this invitation, you can probably already feel the potency of this retreat.
You can feel your cells activating, your inner receptors switching on
and becoming open for what is to come.
You’ve been intuitively guided here by your own inner wisdom
and the part of you that traverses lifetimes.
If you feel called to this experience, then that’s a clear “FUCK YES” from spirit, and you’re meant to be here for this adventure.
And now imagine that every other woman who reads this, feels the same.
It is our wish for you that you receive EVERYTHING that you desire in this lifetime, and that you discover the full UNLEASHED beauty, love, playfulness, lusciousness and joy that you are.
Once you’ve completed the application and we’ve received it, within 5 days you’ll receive an email with your ticket link and invitation to confirm your place.
Intention and focus is everything.
You'll also be invited to book a short personal skype session with Kristal or Tess, to prepare yourself in a conscious way and get some sister support.
In this session you'll be guided towards a deeper place within yourself from where your inner treasures and desires will be shown to you. This way you'll be more clear on what it is you want to heal, attend to, move, let go of or invite into you life.
Planting the seed NOW, water it with love in the time leading up to the retreat so that you can fully BLOOM during our time days together in Bali...
For your ticket, we’ve made it super easy and accessible by offering 2 payment options:
Get your ticket at once, or split it into 4 parts – as well as discounts for early bookings.
In this retreat you’ll also learn the embodied connection between money and your sexual energy and energetic embodiment.
One of the most beautiful healing experiences is transitioning into a life where money is never an obstacle for you, 
but a joyful flow of giving and receiving and playing with life.
Feeling connected to life and softly unstoppable.
We know that you are a powerful creator, 
and this life is meant to unfold for you 
in ever more abundant 
and beautiful ways.
or 4 monthly payments of  $588
until start of event or sold out
Early bird – $200 discount: 
or 4 monthly payments of $538
when you apply before 14 March 2020
Food & accommodation - to be paid to the venue upon arrival.

Option 1:: 14-21 April: 8 days/7nights

Earth Dweller Room - shared
8 days/7 nights including tea, coffee, and organic vegetarian food & fruits – $455

Luxury Heaven Eco Bungalow - shared
8 days/7 nights including tea, coffee, and organic vegetarian food & fruits – $595

Option 2:: The Pre Retreat and Afterglow Experience

Come and stay for one day before and after the retreat to have space 
to land, relax, enjoy and integrate + hang out with your sisters:
13-22 April 2020: 10 days/9nights
Earth Dweller Room - shared
10 days/9 nights including tea, coffee, and organic vegetarian food & fruits – $585

Luxury Heaven Eco Bungalow - shared 
10 days/9 nights including tea, coffee, and organic vegetarian food & fruits – $765

Bali Eco Village
Bali, Indonesia
Closest airport: Denpasar (DPS)
Exact address will be given after registration, as well as tips for taxi, getting there, packing list and everything you need to have an absolutely amazing experience.


A few minutes from now, you can have sent in your application, and already started your journey towards this amazing adventure!




Love + service.


Creator of the Deep Woman Immersion, the Ecstatic Awakening Retreat, the SensualBliss Online Temple and the Abundant Passionpreneur Program.







Ronja Sebastian is the creator of the Ecstatic Awakening Retreat, the Limitless Meditation, the Abundant Passionpreneur & the SensualBliss Online Temple.
She is a certified Tao Tantric Arts Sacred Femininity Instructor, Yoni Massage Therapist, Transformational Breath Coach, Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, Authentic Relating Facilitator, joyful world traveller, dancer and yogini.
Following a number of traumatic childhood experiences, Ronja has been on the path of awakening and embodiment since she was 17, and spent the last 15 years studying awakening & embodiment with Taoist and Tantric masters, including David Deida, Mantak Chia, Layla Martin,Shashi Solluna, Chameli Ardagh, Ma Prem Sarita, Londin Angel Winters & Justin Patrick Pierce, Marya Norell – among many others.
For the last 10 years she has been traveling the world, sharing courses, workshops and retreats around Europe, Asia and the USA, including:
 The Ecstatic Awakening Retreat in NL, Hawaii, Bali and Spain – featuring Desert Dwellers, Kaminanda,Kareem Raïhani, Poranguí, Liquid Bloom, Treavor Moontribe, Lizzy Jeff, The Human Experience, Shamans Dream, Maneesh de Moor, Temple Step Project and Yoga Rhythms.
▷ Guiding Visionary Breathwork at Unconventional Life Morocco and Madagascar - ranked by Inc Magazine as the #1 event for entrepreneurs to attend.
▷ Co-facilitating with Layla Martin in Tulum, Mexico.
▷ The No Mind Festival in Sweden, the International Circling Festival in the Netherlands.
▷ ReWild: Guatemala.
▷ The Samasati Women's Temple Deepening Booty Camp Year Training in Amsterdam.
 ... and many more.
Her message: 
We are limitless beings. You are love. Everything is possible.

Click play for a taster of Ronja:


Testimonials & gratitude...

"Ronja is the ULTIMATE bad ass visionary priestess TURNING ON so many souls around the globe... hosting international Ecstatic Awakening Retreats, empowering leaders to be AUTHENTIC AF and feel deeply connected to their body-spirit-soul consciousness... 
Hell yes AMEN. Thank you sis!"
– Sydney Campos, Los Angeles, author of "The Empath Experience"
"Ronja's an awake, successful dynamo who's creating beauty and impact in the world. I've seen and experienced first hand what she offers, and it's some of the best stuff out there. She's totally walking her talk and living what she teaches in a truly inspiring way!"
– Ryan D Brown, Los Angeles | Awakening & Empowerment Coach
"Out of all the people I've met on my travels, this woman has her self amazingly aligned with how to create a ridiculous amount of abundance in life, whether it's financial, love, or happiness. I couldn't recommend this enough."
– Jeff Kirdeikis, Canada | Yoga Teacher & Crypto Currency Guru
“I'm an extreme workshop snob, and it's rare that I come across a facilitator that I really resonate with. Ronja is solid all the way through, and I fully trust her guidance in leading deep and profound experiences."
- Justin Lee, USA/Bali | space holder at Art of Masculine
"Ronja is here to 
empower you to live 
a life of immense joy, 
ecstasy and bliss."
– Carrie Stiles, Portland, USA | Founder of Good Karma Media
"After studying with Ronja, and implemented what she teaches, I've moved country, and I'm living with the man of my dreams in a beautiful, abundant home. We're facilitating retreats and long term programs. I'm so excited every night when I go to bed, I can't wait to wake up again."
- Anika Vervloet, NL/Ibiza | Co-founder of The Opening, theopening.nl
"Trust me, if you want to take your life, 
your love and your energy to the next level:
She’s your woman!"
– Janneke Robers, NL, feminine embodiment teacher at De Kunst van het Vrouw-zijn/The Art of Femininity


Creator of The Art of Feminine Leadership, Founder of PRESENCE and Reclaim Radiance online Training.

Layla El Khadri is a feminine guide and author. Her mission is to help women live into their highest potential.

She is the woman behind The Feminine Rise — a video statement of her work and her message in the world.

Firm believer in the innate potential of the human being, Layla has dedicated over a decade to the study of the keys to unlock, unleash and embody very specifically the feminine potential. Beyond gender.

Layla has created a methodology of work anchored in the four layers of Human Awareness: Mind, Body, Emotions and Soul. This holistic approach to Personal Development allows for her work to facilitate profound and lasting transformation.

She has chosen to focus in Leadership because she believes in the process of awakening as one of reclaiming our own self-sovereignty so we can steward this planet together in a good way.

She has focused in the feminine because the world needs for the feminine qualities to re-awaken in every single one of us as individuals, as well as in the ways we organize, relate to each other, consume, create, express etc, if we wish to shift the paradigm of our lives and our world. 

Layla has dedicated her life and soul to study EVERYTHING she could find useful to awaken the feminine awareness in her own experience.

Over a decade traveling around the world, with this sole purpose, Layla has sat in ceremony with Shamans, learned directly from the wisdom of the indigenous, and experience cultures that have thrived with wisdom from thousands of years.

She spent years in the far east studying ancient texts and absorbing the wisdom of traditions like Taoism and Tantra.
Amongst her teachers Mantak Chia, Minke De Vos, Shashi Solluna, Charles Muir, Margo Anand.

Then she took a jump to the west and immerse herself in the study of cutting edge discoveries around neurobiology, quantum physics, sexuality & consciousness, somatic therapy, as well as the use of breathwork or meditation to deal with emotional issues, trauma, or rewire mindset and behavior.

Her work today is focused on spreading the message through Conscious Media, Speaking and facilitating around the world in events such as Bali Spirit Fest , Mind Valley University or A-Fest

As well as hosting Retreats and Trainings:

Awakening the Muse - Amsterdam
Feminine Leadership Trainings - Bali, Ibiza, New York.
And many more...

Click play for a taster of Layla:

Testimonials & gratitude...


Creator of Clear Transmissions.







Founder & Channel of Clear Transmissions, Claire dances around the world as a holistic healer, intuitive mentor, coach, teacher, women's empowerment facilitator, planetary grid worker, space holder & dream creator.

She passionately shares inspiration to empower others in their healing, awakening and inner knowing.

With Joyful Dedication, Claire has been offering her services for 7 years all over the world to individuals, groups, and our Mother Earth.

Clear Transmissions are provided in person, remotely world-wide and at retreats and festivals. Claire’s purpose calls her to inspire and guide others to live from the depths of their true essence so they too can Embody, Express & Shine your Soul & Create your Life as a Unique Art from your Heart.

"Every time I provide this service, I have been so blessed, honoured and grateful to see the depths to which each client’s life is transformed.

Again and again, I have seen remarkable shifts happen in the lives of those I have touched, healing on the deepest levels:

Increased clarity of purpose, 'miraculous' healing in the physical body and an expansion of consciousness, which amazes me all the time.

Beneath our fears, obstructions, and blockages, we are all amazing beings of light and unlimited potential.

My role is to bring you back in contact with this unlimited Source within you.

It is our heritage, our birthright, to be the creators of the life we live.

My joy, my gift, is to unlock the door to each client’s fullest potential, and help them on the road to living their dreams with passion and joy."

– Claire Costello

Testimonials & gratitude...

“Claire changed my life. Her sessions were so deeply powerful and created much needed lasting shifts in me. Her deep interactive listening whilst clearing energy paths has set me on a new course in life where I become ever more in tune with my own inner truth and direction. Her clear transmissions energy work is unparalleled and ACTUALLY WORKS. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone… just anyone. Expect an authentic, heart open, honoured space where you will feel seen, heard and healed..”

– Alice Bird, Award Winning Actress & Producer, London

I am always focused on living my fullest potential path and what I integrated in the healing with Claire is something I still carry with me till this day on. I never met such a powerful and effective energy healer. I know a lot of light workers but I could feel Claire works on DNA level and beyond. Also a very light, loving and razor-sharp reading on my ascension process. She might give the best activation for your evolution into a Rainbow Crystal Clear Being
—Djai Heijn, NL, founder of ‘Next level Tzolkin’, Teacher and Healer  

"Working with Claire has changed my life dramatically. After my one-on-one session with her, I felt an immediate, palpable change in my entire being.
I now feel completely connected to the divine and supported in every way. It’s a knowing that’s hard to describe, but it’s there, in my heart.
Where I once felt stuck, I know feel more freedom and completely optimistic about my own personal path and growth.
As a healer, Claire’s personality is that of pure light and warmth. She offers gentle guidance and consistent support during and after the session. She is my sister for life and I will always be grateful for her gifts. Thank you, Claire."
– Spira Politis, Massachusetts US, Art & YogaTeacher, Reiki Healer

“Thank you for your amazing support and incredible service work!
You’re truly a life changing, door opening healer.

I am a singer songwriter and my creativity exploded to a whole new level of expression. I felt awake and aware in a way I have not felt before. You are amazing!”
– Wendy, U.S, Singer/Song-Writer & Counselor

“If you are looking for deep healing and spiritual growth – Claire is one of the best I have ever met. The Rolls Royce.”
– Karin Tydén, Sweden


Founder of Women of Ancient Futures and the Wild Woman Sanctuary Online Academy.

Nicole Costerus is a Medium, Journey therapist, Art Coach, Women’s Intuition Coach, world traveller, painter and intuitive singer.

At the age of 8 years old Nicole joined her first intuition course for children. She has always been inspired by the power of Intuition. For the past 15 years she has been attending deep programs on Emotional Freedom, Enlightenment, Empowerment, English Mediumship, Darkroom, creative & intuitive expression and Mysteries of the Divine Feminine.

She received from teachers like Bentinho Massaro, Zola Dubnikova, Brandon Bays, Jose Gosschalk and John of God.


2014 I made a promise to myself, to only follow my heart & intuition, no matter how many "yes but’s" may arise. This promise took me on a journey of ending my job, relationship, house, giving away all my things, selling my car and shaving my head.

I currently travel the world and love inspiring women like you to unhide yourself and allow your Wild, Free & Intuitive Self to Rise and Blossom. To deeply trust the power of your Intuition and weave the magic of You into the Life of your dreams.

I feel honored to welcome you into this amazing experience and I’m looking forward to connect with you.

Warm embrace,


Testimonials & gratitude...

"Nicole’s intuition and presence is deep as the ocean. She is a powerful yet gentle woman who walks between the worlds, whose eyes shine with the brightness of the sun. Resting under the blanket of her wisdom and kindness, doors of the soul open."

– Zola Dubnikova, Israel, www.zoladubnikova.com


"My experience with Nicole was such a magical healing. She guided me to a very deep space and helped me to see some parts of me with so much wisdom. She inspired me to step into my own power & potential and to believe in myself. In her presence and work I can feel a clear channel working through intuition and guidance. So much love!"

– Raissa, Brazil, butoh art performer and movement coach 


"I cannot recommend Nicole’s work more highly!! She rocked my world and heart with her gift, guidance, and care."

 – Leah, California, USA 


"Nicole’s presence worked as a portal for me in my internal investigation and self healing.

Her ability to hold the space in the most intuitive, grounded and graceful way, made me feel safe and carried throughout the process of facing my inner light and shadows. Her support enabled me to go deeper in my understanding of myself and to find out what my true needs are right now.

I highly recommend everyone to meet Nicole and to welcome her loving, genuine guidance and wonderful clarity."

– Siri, Sweden, Holistic Singer & Teacher











Deep woman, let's do this.