welcome to ::the dream beyond mastermind immersion::

winter solstice 21-28 December 2018
Floating Leaf Resort – Bali


8 Days & 7 Nights in Paradise

A potent group of hand picked
next level Creative Leaders

Bali – Ocean – Beach – Nature










Imagine yourself, 5 years ago.


Remember what your life was like, the things you were creating, the people you were surrounding yourself with. The dreams, hopes, desires you had.

Remember the personal limitations you had. The sense of struggle. The mind fucks. And the things you labelled as "not possible" for you.

And then...

Feel yourself as YOU: TODAY.

Feel how incredibly far you've come. Everything you've done and accomplished. The legacy you've already begun to leave. The things you're creating, downloading, imagining.

And the future creations you're envisioning.

Take that in for a moment.


Just WOW.




And now:

Imagine that this is just the beginning.

Feel into the calling of your future self – 5 years from now.

Intuit that already-in-existence, yet presently not yet experienced (but for sure, unstoppably emerging), experience of YOU – upgraded.

Get it – right now – that whatever you've created up until this point in your life... pales in comparison to the next level creations that are wanting to come forth.

They're in the field... waiting to emerge. And will inevitably do so: the moment you come into vibrational alignment with the receiving of your greater vision.

Imagination – as beautiful as it is – is actually a profound limitation on what's possible.

Because if you imagine from the mind – then you only have access to what you can imagine with the mind.

Therefore, to gain access to more of the totality of what is actually possible – the entry way there is via the space before the mind.

This is where you have access to dreams, visions, ideas and inspiration that you've never experienced before.

This is where you tap into a space of creative genius and effortless mastery.

This is where you FEEL as though you're unbound by the commonly experienced limitations of your thought process.

This is where you...

::dream beyond::

8 Days & 7 Nights in Paradise to Uplevel your Legacy:

Energetic Activation for Tapped in Genius

Ecstatic Breathwork

Sexual Energy to boost Creativity

Tribal Bioenergetic Shaking Ritual

Ocean Meditation

Deep Rejuvenation & Nourishment

Yoga, beach, sun, ocean

Massage and personal spa sessions

Organic food, smoothies & superfoods

Physical Activation & Body Alchemy Workout Shreds

Accessing Flow State Unlimited Edition

Enter the Space Before the Mind

Effortless Creation - Receiving vs. "figuring things out"

Higher guidance - unwavering support


Expanding Consciousness

Lucid Dreaming/Lucid Living

Darkness Meditation

Pleasure as an avenue into spacious awareness

Mind Death/Clean Slate & Rebirth

Nootropics & Neurohacking

Business Mastermind

Magnetic Marketing

Themed Idea Sex Pods

Joined genius, focused on your gift to the world

Crystallizing Your Calling

"Now what?" – Your Next Level Offerings

Connections, interviews and in the moment video creation

Accelerated Manifestation & Quantum Flow

Bending time

Getting more done by doing less

From inspiration to implementation

Activating 'the mutual green light effect' of creation

The Tao of Business

Your Adventure Guides

with an unshakable knowing that everything is possible

Gabriel Rima

Aka Zen Tempest. 

Rapper. Poet. Lyrical Shaman.

Dot Connecter. Thought Inspector. Word Weaver. Space Holder. Shape Shifter. Bridge Builder. Co-creator of The Evolved Masculine Immersion.

Ronja Sebastian

Dancer. Yogini. Joyful World Traveler. 

Initiator of Dream Beyond.

Creator of the Ecstatic Awakening Retreat, the Ultimate Goddess Retreat and the Abundant Passionpreneur Academy. 

Jonathan Fritzler

Social Entrepreneur. Digital Nomad. Surfer. Consciousness Engineer. Lucid Dreamer. Strategy Ninja.

Founder of the Mind Lab Institute and Sacred Strategy, author of "Hack Your Education".

Jason W Digges

Integral Circling Facilitator. Co-founder of Authentic Relating Training International.

Sydney Campos

Visionary Mentor, Intuitive Business Advisor, Avid Adventurer and Author of "The Empath Experience – what to do when you feel everything"

+ Guest Speakers

Secret agent guest experts sharing gifts and genius for the ultimate inspirational infusion...

(Might you be one of them?)

You'll feel like you've taken the Limitless Pill

Can you feel the calling from your higher self,
to breathe into the divinely inspired, intuitive badass creator
that you are?

The time has come
to transcend mind, bend time, and live the ADVENTURE and AWESOMENESS of things just being in FLOW.
It was never meant to be hard.
It was never meant to be a struggle.
The point is to utilize your inner guidance
an ever present roadmap to inner freedom,
unlimited creativity, effortless abundance,
– and cosmic surfing to a life
beyond your dreams.

In Dream Beyond you will be experiencing...

▷ Energetic awakening.
▷ Idea sex (where inspiration coalesce and catalyze next level creativity).
▷ Surrendered leadership (being over-prepared vs. being present and ready).
▷ And deep rejuvenating nourishment.


Because your best creations come when you are filled up from the inside.
Tapped into source.
And turned on by life and by the ideas that are flowing through you.


This is designed for you to come into unlimited connection with your limitless self. To open the channel of intuitive guidance, 

In this 8 day immersion, you will learn tools and techniques to facilitate an ever deepening creative flow for the rest of your life.

As well as be guided and supported in every moment – by the structure of the program and the synergy of minds – to surf the wave of inspiration into instant implementation.

So that you don't "just" receive great ideas for your business to take into action, "later".

But you create then and there, on the spot, with solid support from your peers and within a morphogenetic field of possibilities.

So that your life, you genius, and your business, can soar to the next level.

The next level of impact.
The next level of income.
The next level of beauty being shared.
And the next level of your god given gifts – expressed.

Your next $10,000 idea.
Your next $100,000 funnel.
Your $1million legacy.


And deeper than that...


This is more than "just" about 10x-ing your income. This is about your reason for being here on this planet.


You are perfect for Dream Beyond if...

✓ You identify as a conscious creator.

✓ You feel turned on by the idea of immersing
yourself in this tribe of entrepreneurs, artists, visionaries and conscious creators.

✓ You feel the 2019 is going to be a fucking epic year, and you
want to up your manifestation game and accelerate your creations.

✓ You want to supercharge and uplevel your current business/offering/passion project/world domination strategy.

✓ You feel curious about what YOUR NEXT massive creation will be, that you haven't even thought of yet...

✓ You love massage, ocean, beach, nature and rejuvenation.

✓ You feel stoked about a week of breathwork, yoga,
dance and organic food.

✓ You live your life in a state of GIVING and CREATING.
(In other words, being self absorbed doesn't interest you any more.
You're filled up and in a state of overflow.
You're here to give, make an impact and change motherfucking lives.
And have an amazing time while doing it. :) )

Dream Beyond is NOT for you...

✓ If you have no idea what you want to do with your life and this "seems like a fun holiday".

✓ If you're stuck in victim mentality, holding grudges towards things that happened "in your past", and using this as an excuse to not live fully in the present.

✓ If you feel like you can't afford it, and perceive money as a big limitation. (Watch this video to shift from lack to abundance + a crash course in accelerated manifestation.)

✓ If the theme you're currently exploring is primarily centered around personal healing, self love and worthiness. (Drop that shit – you're already worthy, you're AMAZING!!! Miraculous. An exquisite expression of love. Now let's create.)


Bali – Ocean – Beach – Nature

8 Days & 7 Nights in Paradise
A group of hand picked next level Creative Leaders









The Venue

Floating Leaf

– eco luxury retreat –

Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat is an innovative retreat center for groups, couples and individuals.

It has been rated as the #1 Yoga resort in Bali. 

They offer yoga, spa services, healthy cuisine, deep cultural experiences, traditional Balinese healing, and holistic relaxation for body, mind and soul.

Combining ancient Balinese wisdom with modern luxury, this is a haven for relaxation, personal transformation and a return to balanced wellness.


A peaceful retreat center situated in a lush oasis – the perfect setting to nourish, recharge and heal your mind, body and spirit.

We'll be staying in spacious luxurious villas with spectacular views on the Indian Ocean and the holy Mount Agung volcano and the surrounding rice fields.

Choose from six superior Pool View Rooms Rooms and four Garden Rooms, all created with your comfort and minimal environmental impact in mind. No detail has been overlooked.

Each room is well balanced with modern luxury and convenience, yet maintains a peaceful Balinese feel.

Great care has been taken to ensure all materials conform to high environmental standards

In addition to all of this, Floating Leaf has a Balinese spa and open-air Yoga Sanctuary with a vast selection of spa and healing treatments, and well as a Healing Pool, specifically created with relaxation and replenishment in mind.

The grounds also feature an organic permaculture garden as well as a large open kitchen where our private chef will prepare delectable healthy meals, juices and snacks with locally grown organic nutrient-rich food. 

And if you're longing for ocean and beach, you'll find world-class surf only steps away.

Floating Leaf Resort Experiences

ANILA – Vancouver, CA

“Exceedingly decadent and welcoming, thoroughly and lovingly operated, devout respect of Bali, her people, land and history, high level of integrity in every single person at the Floating Leaf.

A deeply impactful experience of joy, laughter, nourishment and texture.”



“I received such a warm welcome that I wrote a friend and told them that I was officially in heaven!

What a feeling to feel that love of self and totally cared about and genuine interest of who I was and what my interests were.

I was comfortable in their care instantly.”

CHRIS - Marysville, USA

“From beginning to end we were treated like a mixture of royalty and best friends by the owners and ALL the staff at Floating Leaf.

The personalized trips to the cultural highlights saved us from many mistakes and made sure that we made the best use of our time.”

Application for the Dream Beyond Mastermind Immersion

To join the Dream Beyond Mastermind Immersion, first fill out the application below.

This retreat is a powerful coming together with a highly curated group of people – where all of us bring a unique flavor of creativity and love to the experience.

Therefore, there's no way to just buy a ticket here on the page for the retreat, but rather we first want to connect with you and feel that you are ready for and aligned with the depth and beauty of this experience.

All details below... 


This retreat is designed to MORE than pay for itself, in the upgrades, ideas and creations that come through as you uplevel your life and business and what you share with the world.

As well as to open up for connections, collaborators and friends for life.

To make this accessible for everyone, you'll find different options for food & accommodation as well as the option to split your ticket payment in 3 parts. 

: ...
$1497 or payment plan 3x $549
(Food & accommodation booked separately - see below)
1st tier (Crazy bird): $1097
$400 discount until 14 November 2018
2nd tier (Early bird): $1297
$200 discount until 7 December 2018
3rd tier ("Where you been?" Bird): $1497
Regular price until start of event or sold out
Or split it in 3:
3 monthly payments of  $549:
1st tier (Crazy bird): 
$400 discount until 14 November 2018
First payment only $149
2nd tier (Early bird): 
$200 discount until 7 December 2018
First payment only $349
3rd tier ("Where you been?" Bird): 
Regular price until start of event or sold out
3x $549

You will receive a link to select your villa and ticket once we've received and reviewed your application. :)


At Floating Leaf Eco Luxury Retreat, we have 12 well-appointed rooms consisting of six superior Pool View Rooms, four Garden Rooms, and two Family Bungalow rooms, all created with your comfort and minimal environmental impact in mind. No detail has been overlooked. 

Each room is well appointed with modern luxury and convenience, yet maintains a peaceful Balinese feel. Enjoy spectacular views on the Indian Ocean and holy Mount Agung volcano and the surrounding rice fields.

Great care has been taken to ensure all materials conform to high environmental standards. For more details, kindly visit our eco-commitment page.

The spacious, well-appointed bedrooms at Floating Leaf provide luxurious comfort and a perfect home base in which to enjoy all the wonders of Bali




Our most secluded rooms take tropical living to its highest distinction. The three upstairs rooms boast a wrap around balconies with views of the surrounding rice fields, Indian Ocean, Bali’s outer laying islands, the most sacred spot on the island, Mount Agung, and of course The Healing Pool. The ground floor rooms offer indoor/outdoor garden bathrooms with rain shower and 2 of which include a large soaking bathtub.

All of the deluxe eco-luxury Pool View Rooms are perfectly round (see why below) and each material is carefully selected and hand crafted to be eco-friendly, sustainable and of the highest quality. Delightful surprises and exquisite attention to detail will reveal themselves throughout your stay.


Step across the koi pond to four beautifully appointed rooms set in a lush organic garden. Blending traditional Balinese antiques with contemporary sustainable comforts; each spacious room has a private terrace, air conditioning, and fan.

The second floor rooms offer sweeping views of the surrounding rice fields, Indian Ocean and holy Mount Agung. The entire green rooftop is a flourishing fruit and vegetable garden and offers the best views Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat has to offer. Less secluded than the superior Pool View Rooms, the Garden Rooms offer an economical solution for those wanting to experience Floating Leaf.


The former personal home of the owners, these newly renovated rooms offer privacy and comfort in modern Balinese style. The two rooms, Purnama and Petiwi, both have private baths and a large patio. Secluded in a lush garden for extra privacy, the bungalow has been carefully upgraded with the same luxurious standards of our Pool View Rooms and Garden Rooms.

Unlike all of the other rooms, The Purnama room has just one queen-sized bed that does not convert to two beds, so it’s for one person, or a couple that will share the bed. The Pertiwi room, like all other rooms, can have one large bed or 2 regular beds in the room. And just like the other rooms, we have a special pillow-top so that when the beds are together there is no uncomfortable crease. Rest assured that every guest room is well appointed with top of the line amenities, modern luxury and convenience, yet maintains a peaceful Balinese feel. All rooms have been recently upgraded and the feedback has been wonderful.


One King-Size Bed

Two Twin Size Beds 

TRIPLE ROOM (for families)
Three Twin Size Beds – Or one King and one Twin

(The one exception is The Purnama room in the Family Bungalow which has one queen-sized bed that does not convert to two beds. It is for one person, or a couple that will share the bed.) 

The rooms are spacious enough that we often have 2 guests that don’t know each other room together and the beds have enough room between them so its comfortable for everyone. Although triple occupancy is mainly for families with children, four Pool View Rooms can also accommodate a third bed for triple occupancy.

(We would like to manage expectations by adding that our eco-luxury rooms are designed for two people. They can accommodate a third person but obviously, this decreases the luxuriousness of the room to a degree.)


Our luxurious Bali villa guest rooms feature Sweet Sleep beds, with incredibly comfortable mattresses imported from Belgium, topped with soft, allergy-free, high thread count linens to ensure sweet dreams every night of your stay.


Institutions for higher learning such as Harvard Medical School and The Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture in San Diego have researched how a planned environment influences the mind and behavior. Their findings tell us that our brain perceives angles, corners and sharp contours as potential threats or hazards.

Conversely, neuroscientists have concluded smooth contours signal the brain to relax. Inspiration, creativity, comfort and healing are all said to increase within rounded architectural forms. Furthermore it is postulated that it also fights against infection and depression as well as reducing cognitive decline.

The gentle curve of the Pool View villa bedrooms softens the sounds both inside and outside of the rooms ensuring greater privacy and less distraction. Sound waves are dissipated by the round forms to create a perfect atmosphere for rest and relaxation, meditation and creativity.


You'll receive a link to select your favorite room and ticket once we've receive and reviewed your application.

Enjoy your private garden bathroom with high quality organic toiletries, plush towels and modern conveniences.


All ten villa bedrooms feature air conditioning, ceiling fan, private en suite bathroom and top of the line sheets, pillows, toiletries, as well as:
  • Free WiFi throughout the property
  • Unlimited drinking water
  • Solar charging stations for personal electronic devices
  • In room safe (Pool View Rooms)
  • Bamboo smartphone speaker
  • Organic shampoo, body wash, conditioner and body lotion
  • High quality robes and slippers
  • Smart multi electrical sockets
  • Baggage service
  • Laundry service
  • DVD library
  • Hair dryer
  • Organic luxury toiletries
  • Koi feeding opportunities twice daily

8 Days/7 Nights
All Meals Included (Dinner only on 1st day and breakfast only on last day)
Airport Transfer to and from the retreat
Welcome Dinner with musicians and dancers
Optional: Beautiful Art and Culture Shopping Tour
Optional: Flower Offering Making Class
Optional: Balinese Temple Ceremony
Farewell Dinner
Charity Event
Full use of Facilities, Pool and Gardens

(Not included: alcohol drinks, specialty drinks, additional food and snacks, airfare.)

A few minutes from now, you can already
be on your way towards this adventure. 

You are a miracle. Success is inevitable.
Everything is possible.

Let's do this.