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SensualBliss:: Become MultiOrgasmic in 12 Weeks

{ The SensualBliss Curriculum }

All made with love, for YOU.
+ More will be created and added as we flow...

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The Orgasmic Practices:

{Week 1} Breath Orgasm Release::

{Week 3} Breast Orgasm::

{Week 5} Pussy Orgasm:: 

{Week 7} Emotional Orgasm Mastery:: 

{Week 9} Cosmic Orgasm::

{Week 11} MultiOrgasm:: Edging 2.0

Sacred Yoni Egg Practice

The Pussy Power Yoni Yoga Workout & The Inner Ripple Effect

Live calls and Q&A

Secret Facebook group 



Orgasmic Manifestation

Sex Magic

Refining Sexual Energy

Living As A Queen {Guided Meditation}  

Ecstatic Awakening Breathwork for Accelerated Manifestation


5 Minute Miracles = short n sweet sensual practices for instant top-up: 

5 minute yoni yoga

Short n sweet morning meditation for a beautiful day

5 minute break during your working day to clear your mind and start fresh

5 minute bioenergetic shaking {refresh, release and recharge anytime}

7 minute Sensual Holiday {perfect meditation for a break during your working day}

Slow down & unwind in the evening for a peaceful night

Cosmic Awareness Evening Meditation

Digital Detox Evening Meditation

7 minutes of No Mind {direct access to free awareness + inner freedom}

Meditation for Enhanced Performance, Confidence and Focus

Healing Your Cells Meditation

Body Opening Prep for Deeper Meditation

Meditation for Deep Inner Peace | Beyond Emotional Ups and Downs


Female Guest Teachers: 

Lizzy Jeff – Activating the Vixen

Sydney Campos – Money + Sex + Aligned Service

Keeley Olivia – Your Pussy is a Universe

Jules Schroeder – Beyond the Veil – Embodied Higher Self

Virginia Salas Kastilio – From Sex to Business

Nicole Costerus – Sacred Root Chakra {Anal} Activation

Rosie Rees – Sacred Sex Toys

Shashi Solluna – Sexual Vitality Qigong

Layla El Khadri – Presence & Embodying Your Creation

Nadine Lee – Erotic Awakening Dance Experience

Aida Lucie – Orgasmic Woman

Imaya Sabine – Serpentine Sultry Activation

Cristabel Zamor – Breath of Bliss

Emily Kuser – Sensual Yoga

Kristal Termorshuizen – Voice Activation

Layla Aluna – Orgasmic Birth

Zahara Zimring – Awakening the Jaguar

Tess Van Der Putten – Sensual Flow


Male guest teachers:

Jonathan Barry – Quantum Meditation & Pineal Activation

Gabriel Rima - Unconditional self love / connecting to your deep shamanic woman

Kevin Orosz - Sexual confidence and erotic flow state

Oren Harris - Energy Mastery / Embodiment of your Infinite Self



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