Ecstatic Awakening Hidden Paradise Spain – 18-25 July 2018

€995,00 EUR

Subtotal: €995,00 EUR
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Due Now: €995,00 EUR
Prices for the retreat experience – including all workshops and Ecstatic Dances:
Early bird until 28 February 2018: €895 – use code HIDDENPARADISE
Regular price until 10 July 2018: €995
Prices for food & accommodation – to be paid in cash upon arrival:
Option 1: 18-25 July (8 days/7 nights + 3 meals per day) – €350 all inclusive
Option 2: Come and hang out 2 days before & after - Pre-retreat & Afterglow:
16-26 July (12 days/11 nights + 3 meals per day) – €550 all inclusive

What People Are Saying:

“This retreat has been the most impactful, transformative experience of my life. Everything has changed. I am just sooo blissful and energetically cleared out, and use so many of the tools you gave us every day, it’s incredible. I have a completely different relationship to the world now. I’ve become sensual and loving, everyone and everything is responding beautifully to this new me…”

Anna Lewis

“We've never felt as authentic as in this retreat. Fucking awesome. Upleveling. Life will never be the same again.”

Klemen Thomas & Leonie Gabriella

“The amount of insights, experiences, lessons & confrontations were magical to say the least. I’ve witnessed the most closed of hearts opening up in a safe environment which they skillfully facilitate. Everyone should do this retreat at least once.”

Bambos Demetriou

“If, by the Grace of this good Universe, you have the opportunity to go to this Retreat – GO! I promise you, it will change your life. It sure changed mine.”

Ariane Elizabeth

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Ecstatic Awakening Hidden Paradise Spain – 18-25 July 2018 €995,00 EUR
Apply a coupon
Due Now €995,00 EUR
I understand that my ticket is non-refundable but fully transferable to a friend if I'm unable to attend.
If unable to attend I can also choose to save my payment as credit for any retreat facilitated by Ronja Sebastian (and collaborators) in the future.
I now purchase my ticket for the event, which includes full retreat experience.
Not included: food, accommodation, spa treatments, airfare and transportation to the retreat center.
Food and accommodation is to be paid in cash upon arrival at the Hidden Paradise: €350 for 18-25 July + an additional €50 per day = €550 if you stay for the full experience 16-27 July.
See you at the Hidden Paradise! :)